Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Life

Last month, I flew into Birmingham to work and the offices closed due to the crazy storms. This month I fly in and what happens? I promptly lose my voice. Ah, irony. How I've missed you in my life!

Being in town has been great as always. I got to see Mom, Grandma, my Brother and his family for dinner on Monday night, then stayed with my Mom and Grandma. I met one of my dear Birmingham girlfriends for lunch on Tuesday, then saw all my high school girls for dinner Tuesday night at our favorite-- P.F. Chang's.

I don't know how P.F. Chang's became "our spot," but every time we get together, it's always there. They take reservations (key for a party of 6), it's really reasonable (last night my bill was $15), and we're big on sharing. So big, in fact, that we're like that crazy Olive Garden commercial where they just let one friend order. The rest of us don't bother opening our menus. Last night was Cashew-Melon Shrimp, Kung Pao Scallops, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Dan Dan Noodles, some sweet-spicy chicken, and, of course, a Wall of Chocolate.

It's always interesting coming back to Birmingham. I LOVE seeing my friends and family, but being in the physical place can also be tough as it brings back a lot of memories of "the day." I'd like to think that if it hadn't happened so suddenly and so randomly (when I was back in town for a single day), then that wouldn't be the main physical memory associated with this wonderful space. Maybe it just needs a little more time.

This week has been a harder week. Little things, like being at the doctor's office and no longer having an answer for the General Physician blank, or coming down with who knows what, and not being able to call Dad for a z-pack. B reminded me that I still know plenty of people who both love me and have access to a prescription pad, but I think I was just in the mood to be moody. :)

I'm at work early today (thank you, random insomnia!) and leaving for Durham this afternoon. It'll be good to be home, but it's been really nice being here. I think monthly Mom hugs should be the absolute minimum!

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