Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Laundry 101

This from the man who did my laundry the day we got back from the honeymoon (God bless him), even the hand-wash items.

B: Hey, I did laundry today.

Me: That's great! Thanks hon.

B: So let's talk about what can be dried and what can't.

Me: Ok, shoot.

B: Let's start with the panties. Dry?

Me: It depends.

B: On what?

Me: If I like them.

B: What?

Me: If I dry them, they wear out faster, so I never dry them, until I'm tired of them and want to have an excuse to get rid of them. I never dry the ones with lyrca in them, but the cotton ones normally get the line-dry too. Just put them all on the rack.

B: I was headed that way anyway. Your denim skirt?

Me: No dry.

B: Really? Ok.

Me: I do dry t-shirts.

B: Well everyone dries t-shirts. Yoga pants?

Me: The black ones?

B: Yes.

Me: No dry. They have lettering and it's peeling!

B: Ok, at least the t-shirts dry.

Me: Unless they're fake t-shirts.

B: (silence)

Me: You know, they look like t-shirts but they're really soft and not really t-shirts?

B: It seems to me that these "dry" and "no dry" piles could be divided simply "B's clothes" and "A's clothes."

Me: That might be a good idea.


Jennifer said...

This cracked me up! I have just started washing our clothes completely separately so that I never accidentally dry something I shouldn't. He is so awesome to even be attempting! I don't even know if my husband knows where the laundry room is.

~Z~ said...

LOVE this. ~;o)