Thursday, July 10, 2008


I've been...

a) washing my hair

b) trapped under something heavy (points for naming the movie reference!)

c) lazy

d) trying to figure out how to blog about my life without telling everything about my life to total strangers

ding ding ding! Winner.

But I'm back. I've made a pact with my dear sweet former college roommate (see exotic travel photo) to blog as she does during the summer. Currently it's a one-sided pact as I just extended it as she's flying over the open water from Miami to Brazil. I have a hunch she'll agree though. She's great like that.


cp said...

ok, 1- you've been HOLDING OUT on me. majorly. blog==secret life!!
2- i find your blog, i find photo of me. way to attract (my) readership.
3- love you much... and its a deal! because i love now that i have a window to your life...thanks for sharing!

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