Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt?

Best idea ever: a guy travels the world dancing in areas of great and little historical significance. He does it again a year later and asks people to join him. It's pure joy. Four and a half minutes of it.

Check out the video of him dancing with people around the world. It's really, oddly moving. I teared up watching him dance with kids in the streets of Africa, monkeys in the jungle, and beautifully dressed Indian dancers. It was one of those "can't we all just get along" moments that makes you feel like the world isn't as big as it appears and that maybe, just maybe, we're all pretty much alike after all.

It also made me think of my dear friend C, who's quite the world traveler herself. First of all, I think she should marry this guy and continue to dance her way around the globe. Second, something about the optimism in this video reminded me of her spirit. Dance on, C!

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ckp said...

that is the cutest video. my cousin and i watched it, we loved the shots in a certain city you must visit in september. we SHOULD marry. then i'd have a travel mate. OR you should come with me! i will say, i like my previous pattern of working/integrating. moving around every three days on my own is rough. its a personality thing, i think. some people love it. alas, matt is cooler/more intrepid than i, but i am becoming a-ok with that! (not that i am going to embrace my inner agoraphobia, but, you know, maybe not be SOOoo independent)