Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Offer's In

A crazy thing happened on the way to the bottom of the wine bottle tonight.  K told me she made an offer on the house, so it's official.  Her money is on the table, ready for the taking.  Now she's just waiting to hear.
But a great thing happened, too.  For the past few days, I've been unsettled about K's decision.  Is it the right move?  Will she be ok?  Will I be ok?  I'd been anxious and worried; every room in my apartment was clean and I'd even made bread.  So on the way home, knowing I'd have to face a very happy, excited K, I prayed that God would give me a better attitude.  Her buying a house has nothing to do with me, save the fact that I'd be minus one roommate, but it'd brought out the worst in me.  I was jealous, stressed, and frustrated.  I knew I couldn't walk into a wine toast with that dirty aura hanging around.
So I acted like my attitude had changed and bit by bit, it did.  I can say I'm happy for her.  I'm still worried about her buying a house, but then again I still see myself as 21.  We aren't 21 anymore, we're adults, ready for whatever we think we're ready for... or at least as ready as we'll ever be.  So we'll see what happens with K's offer.  She thinks they'll counter and it might go on for a few more days.  I'm hopeful that, whatever happens, she finds peace and solace in knowing she's following her heart.  And seriously, what a big girl move!  

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