Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Loaves and... More Loaves

The bread baby (aka Carb) is a success! So far I've made two batches (?) of the sourdough goodness, which translates into four loaves. Luckily they're smaller than your standard bread loaf (or so I keep telling myself), otherwise, I'd be worried.
It's not a hard process, just a mindful one. I have to remember to tend to something other than my orange juice fix in the morning and mint karaoke cookie ice cream addiction at night, but the results are oh-so worth it!
I wrote about the joys of kneading, but the true joy is in tasting. Cutting into a slice of still-steaming, freshly baked bread is unbeatable. So far B and I have had it with olive oil dips, hummus, pasta, and as a grilled cheese. So far, the grilled cheese is a winner. Nothing better.
If you're looking for a cheap way to host an after-work event, start with fresh bread (everyone will ooh and aah, even if it's just from a local bakery), then make this dip.

Over-the-Top Olive Oil Dip
(pair with sourdough bread)
Pour lots of olive oil into a cute and shallow (hey, I have friends like that! :)) glass dish. Add a generous shake of black pepper, a few turns of ground sea salt, and a few shakes of red pepper flakes, to taste. (I like mine hot, so I shake a lot). Then dump in a few pinches of grated Parmesan cheese and stir it all together.

The dip at the Macaroni Grill will never taste as good to you...unless you become obnoxious like B and myself and order little dishes of red pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese before we've even gotten our drinks.

I made the bread and dip and sent them with B to work, and this is what I got back:
Tell A great job on the bread and her dipping oil - YUMMY. I just came in for a late afternoon snack. next time she'll have to include recipes ;)

So, Ginger Ann, this one's for you.

I'm telling you, if baking bread (which essentially cost me $2 for 4+ loaves) is all it takes to gain office notoriety, and the envy of your friends, then sign me up. Knead on, baby!

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