Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Challenge Issued high school friend K, a fellow blogger who often doesn't update her own blog, to start doing so. She's the one who challenged me to start this bad boy in the first place, so I've shared the link and am hopeful that she'll click on here, see herself, and be shamed into writing. Muwahahaha.
Love you, K.


Katie said...

Hahahahaha!!!!! Wow! Glad that's the best picture of me you could find. I love the challenge and I love you, too! Thanks for finally starting a blog so I can keep up with all of your great life adventures!!

A said...

Yeah, I try to keep faces out of them, and unfortunately you have such a freakin cute smile that it shows up in most of my photos. Figured this was an ok medium. I mean, I don't want my blog to cause you to have stalkers. They're my stalkers. Both of them.