Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Heart Feedback

I love positive reinforcement. Huge fan. Makes my heart sing. And I'm always reminded of that whenever I get even the smallest hint of PR (an appropriate nickname, yes?). But it also makes me think of how quick I am to forget to pass along that kind of accolade--the arms-open type that makes you feel swallowed whole into a big, warm blanket. That's the best.

I say all that as a disclaimer to what I'm about to post, which is a thank you note from a realtor whose home I wrote about for the Real Estate section of our local paper. Mind you, I know I'm not moving heaven and earth by writing about crown molding and 4-sides brick as a side gig, but it pays nicely and I really enjoy it. Those who can't own homes, write about them, as the revamped adage says.

So here's what I got from Debbie, the realtor, in my inbox this morning:


How AWESOME your work is! I cannot tell you how I felt Sunday when I read the article on 986 Brickyard Pass, in Brierfield, Alabama. You will win many awards in your career. Thank you so much for such great coverage. My family thought I had won the lottery I was so excited about the generous coverage. You will NOT go unnoticed by your peers! May your work always bring such joy and happiness to others!Be blessed,Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Granted, I was doing Debbie basically a paid favor. I wasn't reviewing the home, but simply pointing out some of the finer qualities. She darn well should have been happy with what I wrote. But it makes me remember that, just as Debbie's letter made my heart soar, maybe I need to take some time today to make someone else's heart flutter a little faster with an open-arms thank you.

Debbie's only the second person (that I remember) in my two years of freelancing with the News that has gotten back to me in such a memorable way. I'm sure there have been other emails, but Debbie's may just go on my mirror to inspire me to keep trying to write that award-winning piece, or at least act like everything I write is important enough to be considered and treated as such. The other thank you? A delivery of two dozen yellow tulips (my favorite flower, coincidentally enough) for an artist profile I did.

Let's make good news, and great thank yous, travel faster today, ok?

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ckp said...

i, too, think you are most wonderfully wonderful.