Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Around the US in 30 Days

Ok, so nothing that ambitious, but I did find out today that I'm Vegas bound in May for the Gourmet Housewares show. Days upon days of the latest crazy inventions that you absolutely must buy right now to ensure your proper status as home cook. It'll be crazy and I love it.
The good and bad side is that it's in Vegas. B and I went to Vegas last year and it was AMAZING. Loved every minute. I was hoping he could go this year, but it's just too much--he'll be finishing his first year of grad school, moving to Birmingham (ee!), and doing some case brief thing in hope of landing a law journal. (As you may have guessed, I generally just nod during our converstions about law school.)
So looks like it'll be just me and Sin City. To be honest? I'm super excited.

I leave on Friday for New Orleans for B's friend's wedding. He's never been, so we're staying in the French Quarter and doing it right from the start. I'm counting the days...

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