Monday, August 23, 2010

Weddings are Fun!

This weekend, B & I kicked off our "one wedding per month" celebration of Fall with an amazing ceremony in Columbia, SC. One of his high school buddies married a girl that we all love to death (thank you, Stan!), and who is certain to get along with us on any subsequent beach trips the guys plan and then end up ditching us for golf. Gotta love men with good taste!

We left on Friday for Columbia, arriving in time to get B's tux and head to the hotel to change. The rehearsal was followed by an amazing rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant where I feasted on fried green tomatoes with crab and steak wrapped in bacon.

B: What are you getting?

Me: Did you not see the word 'bacon' on the menu?

We were seated with all the other high school buddies and their ladies, which made dinner even more fabulous. After dinner, we hit the hotel for the after-dinnery cocktail party thrown by the groom's parents (for real. amazing), then headed out on the town for a few hours. I took two of the groomsmen home (B included) around 2, but word is the groom and his best man lived it up until the wee hours of the morning. How do boys do that??

Saturday was a great day. We slept in (please see aforewritten paragraph), then got lunch with the wedding party. B got ready while I caught up with his parents, then I got ready and headed to the church. A very handsome usher in a yellow flower escourted me in then hopped on the alter with the rest of his buddies to witness the vows.

When the ceremony was over, we headed to the reception, which was in a big brick structure that had been strung with Chinese lanterns. It was one of those things you always imagine but know you'll never be able to pull off, but they did it. It was beautiful!

We wished the couple well then headed home. Sunday we had breakfast with B's parents then packed up and shipped off to Florida. After a really, really fun weekend, it was actually super nice to be heading back to what actually felt like our house. Great feeling!
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Krista B. said...

Oh man, amazing pictures. You girls are too cute in that last one!