Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daily Run-In With the Cops

Florida is a pretty amazing state. Case in point? The DMV lets you make appointments. They also let on-duty police officers come and verify your car's vin # and odometer so that you don't have to deal with that when you get your new title. They're also crazzzzzy fast:

Me: I'd like to request a police officer to come verify my out of state car.

Dispatch: Ok, will do.

Me: Wait, you mean now? When will they be here?

Dispatch: Depends. Could be five minutes, could be in an hour.

Me (visual scan of nightgown and bed head): Um, I still need to print the form. No hurry!

Dispatch: Ok.

So I know that there are cops stationed in our neighborhood (we have lots of bars, restaurants, etc), which T the cop verified (2 at all times, actually). So I KNEW this would be no hour long wait unless there was a B&E down at the nail place.

I sprint to the back to throw on shorts (yes, because that classes up black silk), then dashed to the printer to get the forms, which were still blank when I looked outside and saw T pulling up.

Response time to our house? Approximately 90 seconds. Good to know!

T took care of everything, but he must've thought I was insane. Form not filled out, nightgown, oh boy. There goes my shot at being on neighborhood watch.

Step one of car registration complete, now I have to gear up for steps 2-5: registering car, getting drivers' license, and two other things I'm sure I forgot.

Now, while I love my new state, I'm not thrilled at this new ID verification thing they have going on. I'll be excited to see my license because, word is, they're hardcore. To get my license, I have to bring my birth certificate or passport, my title, my proof of Florida insurance, my current license, my social security card, my marriage license, and two pieces of mail from my current address. (Opened, unopened, does it matter?) I thought that list was just for an out-of-stater, but apparently it's these new fangled licenses, which cost between $60 and $78, according to T.

Lesson learned, only call the police when you need them THAT second. I suppose I should be happy that there isn't more drama going on around here!

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