Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long Live DB

Well, dear friends, B has lost a piece of his past: His Jeep, "DB", is officially living up to his name (Done Broke). We could fix it this time, but then we'd officially be in over the amount that the Blue Book says a 12 year old Cherokee is worth.

But how do you gauge worth on old cars? Seriously, we know it's time to let go (and we are), but think about it. That was B's second car (his learner was apparently The Gray Ghost, a minivan that his Dad would rather have remembered as the Silver Bullet). DB took us out on our first date (to Chili's, after the fish restaurant was packed). It brought me home to re-meet his parents.

B loves remembering his Dad's steering wheel-pounding moves to Mrs. Robinson ("But most of all you have to hide it from the kids"), but I'm sure he had his own share of fist-pounding moves in the Jeep to songs of similar lore.

We're not sure yet what we're going to do about a new car. We're thinking of going one-car family for a while, which would a) work, because I work from home and could take him in/pick him up; b) save us tons of money (namely $400 or so in insurance for the year, $42 per month in parking for him, and $450 for registration); and c) probably be a good reminder of how great we've got it!

I think we'll go with that at least until he decides what car he wants. After the heat of the Ford Mustang convertible, I think we'll definitely go hard top!

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