Monday, August 9, 2010

Bar, Day 2

Did I tell you about the second day of the Bar? After the first day, B felt much better, so we enjoyed a pizza night in, watched a movie, and packed new snacks for him to take on the second day.

When I saw him for lunch, he was tired but ok. The funny thing was when I went to pick him up that afternoon.

I parked and watched as the first kids staggered out into the sun, still wearing their sweatshirts in the 100 degree heat. Then the next dozen came, moving faster. The third wave came out in a run and the fourth in a full sprint. I kid you not. I wish I'd had the track to School's Out for the Summer, because boy did it feel like that!

B came walking out amidst the rush, walking across the stream of the crazies, no less, with hands held high and a happy look of having completed his two days of intense testing.

No word on results until October. For now, we're just glad it's over!

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