Monday, August 9, 2010

15 Months!

At least I think it is. I've been up doing freelance work and, as my tax account proved when I sent her line 52 from our return as 2,5550, I am not so in touch with the digits these days.

Happy Anniversary, B! You're still sleeping (in our new bed! Happy dance!) after a bachelor party weekend in Savannah, but I love you very much all the same, perhaps even more because I know that any minute I could go pounce on you and wake you up in the worst way: singing. You're helpless. And I love that. And you.

This month is definitely in the running for Busiest Month of Our Marriage. In the last month, I've spent a week with my sister meeting baby T, B's flown up to meet baby T mid Bar studying, I trained for a temp position at my old job (which is just now starting), we finished house sitting, I was the focus of a photo shoot in my mother-in-law's kitchen for a magazine, B TOOK THE BAR (yes, it deserves caps), we arranged for all the basics of a move (gas, electric, address changes, cable, internet, storage, movers), we actually moved, I had my first trip to an Atlanta junk yard, both our cars got worked on, B had two back-to-back bachelor parties, I renewed my license in no-where Alabama, we made our first major purchases (bed, mattress, washer/dryer), and I had a job interview.

At a bakery. More on that later. Fingers crossed!

Seriously, we need a vacation, which is why we're heading out this week to Miami and Key West for a belated Bar trip. B's a good sport; I'm pretty sure he'd rather stay home and veg for the week after his two crazy weekends, but I'm ready to get out of town and enjoy some time just the two of us in a place where we can't organize or do life things. Maybe I'll regret it, but, in my experience, it's hard to regret anything while sitting co-pilot in a convertible. That's right, we rented one. Or at least I hope we did.

Like I said, it's been a busy month.

Work has picked up for me, which is great. I've been working with one of B's high school friends on building/writing websites and it's been a huge blessing! So far I've completed my work on three. I've also picked up two other paid blogging gigs, bringing the total to three. For the next few weeks, I'm temping at my old job, working full-time hours on content migration.

I will say that God is good. We've been savers and all, but it sure is nice to have checks coming in after making said first major purchases together, as well as planning a trip to the Keys!

B's update has been just as nutty. Tons of studying interspersed with taking Marley on long walks (though we're still not sure, due to Marley's excitement) who was walking whom. I've hopeful that my 16th month update on B will be oh-so boring. Hopefully he'll have time to sleep, rest, recharge, and get excited about starting his new job (August 23)!

The next month will be a fun one for us: first (longer than a weekend) vacation for the two of us since the honeymoon, first day at a new job (yea government health care!), a wedding in Maine for two of our dear friends (I plan to turn into a lobster by weekend's end), and my birthday.

The not-so-fun stuff we have to do? Figure out car insurance and tax issues. Which is what we're doing today. Which is why I'm encouraging B to sleep for as long as he can. I may have even drugged him. May...

Happy Anniversary, B! Here's to a fun year in hot, muggy Florida!

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