Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bar Trip, Part 2!

And.... we were right. Key West was right up our alley. We spent our days moving back and forth between the beach, the pool, the ocean, and the Tiki Bar, where they had the best pina colada ever. Ever. Yum yum yum.

After we'd sunned ourselvs silly, we feasted at dinner, took long walks down Duval street, and had a particularly pleasant lunch at a Westin-owned island.

B had never been to Key West and I'd only been for four-hour furloughs off cruise ships. We hit Hemmingway's House, a delicious local Cuban restaurant, and almost every art gallery, the ones with AC anyway.

The Bar Trip was great. It may have been crazy to take the bar, move, then hit the road, all before we'd figured out residency, car insurance (new policies, anyway), and our filing system, but off we went. It was really good for me. I think I needed time away from being at home, various homes, for so long. I think it was good for B, too. He slept like a baby and was super relaxed reading at the beach, wandering the street, and finding fun places for dinner.

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