Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Priceline... Victory!

I've never booked on Priceline before, mostly because I'm the type of person to *almost* book a plane ticket about four times before actually doing so, and only so that I can go back and forth to recheck the dates a dozen times. So, a hotel booking system where you pick a price and have no idea what you're getting unnerves me just a touch.

But after the holiday, Mom and I are heading down to Florida to find a place for B & I to live next year. We need to stay overnight and really didn't care where (within a certain region). Everything in the downtown area was about $150 - $189, or $89 on Hotwire (where you don't know the name of the hotel either). So I bit the bullet and bid on Priceline. At first I said $70 for a 3.5-star PLUS (the best there was in the city) downtown hotel, then decided to go for $60. And you know what, I got it! At a great hotel (or at least in a great location with great pictures).

Lesson learned? If you don't care exactly where you're staying (as opposed to wanting to stay near a wedding party or family members), then it seems like a great idea. I checked the hotel's rates on its site and, sure enough, it was $151.20 plus tax for the single night. I paid $60! I'm super proud.

Go forth, young travelers. Book and reap the rewards of nameless hotel bookings!

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We are BLESSED. said...

That's great! I've used them before to stay in Gulf Shores; they only have 2 3-star hotels in Gulf Shores so you know you'll get a great deal either way. Way to go! Can't wait to hear the house hunting adventures.

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