Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bar Exam!

K: I've been thinking about you and B and the Fourth of July coming up, that's like his Groundhogs Day, right?

Me: What do you mean?

K: He comes out into the sun, sees his shadow, and hides for the next three weeks until the exam.

YES! How great a sister is she? It's true, we're moving forward toward the Bar, and B's doing great. He goes to his review classes every morning for three hours (even when the US is scoring the winning goal in the world cup, but he did hear the cheer, so someone was doing some covert listening!), then comes home and does some homework, essay practice, and, of course, real person things, like eating, sleeping, showering, and Sports Center.

This Spring, we'd been warned (likely over warned!) about how "bad" this summer would be. How taxing, frustrating, and exhausting it would be. Not to jinx us, but up through now, we've been great. Yes, B works and studies a lot, but I expected that; it's one of the things I love about him-- he does everything 100%, if not more. Yes, he studies at odd hours, but we've always been off-kilter in regards to studying hours and bedtimes.

In fact, the first few weeks of his studying caused me the most problems because I was anticipating so much angst and stress. I over compensated the other way, being super happy and perky and finally almost driving B nuts. So then I swung from super peppy to a little pile of sobby cries saying, "I'm trying so hard," and B hugging me and saying, "But you don't have to!"

And he was right. Once I recalibrated back to "normal," then we settled back into our "normal;" After all, he has been in school our entire married life!

Granted, this summer "normal" has included:

* Living with your in-laws (again). I told B's mom that if I showed up next May with my bags, she was to remind me that this was not my summer home and I did not, in fact, have to move here every summer.

* Hosting B's best friend, his wife, and their baby when their summer sublet suddenly turned out to be flea-ridden.

That's right, we'll take the "problem" of Bar-prep any day!

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