Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Watch 2010

I spent last week in Durham with my sister and her family on "baby watch." She had a few signs of labor early in the weekend, before I got there, and so we spent the entire week with the thought in the back of our minds (or mine, at least!) that today could be the day that their family grew a little bigger.

Instead, Baby S decided to hang out in utero a little while longer. Fine by me! We had such a fun week of playing together, stocking the fridge, and generally taking it easy. We went to Chick-fil-A, played at the mall play place, enjoyed play group, had a picnic, splashed around in the pool, made cookies, took walks, fed geese, and generally loved nap time (one and all!).

So true, there's no baby, but I'll meet him or her when I go back next month. I did, however, have some quality time with the monkeys.


Me: Ella, when you swim, push the water back with your hands, but make sure to keep your fingers together. When your fingers are apart, they look like forks (show forks), but when your fingers are all together, what do they look like?

Ella: Fives?
Sienna: I need some more fuzz for my dolly's head
Lesson Learned: If you've got to return something to Target, the $1 section is a God-send. Seriously, the girls played in the bins for at least 20 minutes, then expected nothing when we left. I'm pretty sure they don't know those things are for sale...
Ella: Sienna, let's get our umbanellas and go out into the rain.
Sienna (wailing): I got a boooooo booooooo. [Note, this is not sadness over pain of a boo boo, but rather simply having gotten one.]
Sienna (getting out of the bath 20 minutes later): Is the boo boo gone yet?

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