Tuesday, June 15, 2010

13 Months!

We blew past this one. I was half asleep two night ago when I started whacking B on the arm and saying, "We missed it! We missed it! Happy Anniversary!" I know, I know, at some point I'll move past this month-to-month stuff (sad!), but for now I'm not ready to really reflect only once a year. Too many fun things that I'd miss!

In the past month, we've been to Williamsburg, Virginia; Sonoma, California; Berkely, California; Princeton, New Jersey; Atlanta, Georgia, and Durham, North Carolina.

We've enjoyed our one-year anniversary (woohoo!), packing the Pod, B's graduation (complete with school-sanctioned Champagne toast. Ladeda!), B's youngest brother's graduation from Berkeley, wine tasting in Sonoma, drives to Atlanta, two new babies from our friends, an awesome weekend at our 5th college reunion, a meeting with a financial planner, and a few fun days with the nieces in NC.

We said goodbye to our second apartment, moved for the third(?) time, started Bar review classes, and remembered Dad on the anniversary of his death.

It's been quite the month, and I can tell that next month's update is going to be super full, super short, and super late. Where is time going??

I'm so thankful for many things in my life, mainly that the family I've been given (and the one I've chosen & married into!) and the friends I've made are among the things that make my life feel so full and blessed. What more could I ask for?

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