Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ok, I'm partly ashamed to write this post, though I'm not sure why. I used to watch the bachelor(ette) all the time with my high school girlfriends when I lived in Birmingham. How fun to spend one night a week sharing good food, fun times, and lame TV comebacks from this season's most eligible mate!

One thing I found out when I lived in Durham was that my sister seemed to have a weakness for this show, which says something, because this lady is not your regular TV watcher. I think you could take away her TV and she'd be perfectly fine, just so long as the girls had something to watch a Disney movie on with a babysitter when she and her husband got to sneak out for a date night.

So last week when I was up there, I was a more-than-willing participant in watching the bacherlorette. The problem was, they'd DVR'd three two-hour shows, so by the time we watched them all, I was hooked. Beyond hooked. So hooked that when my brother-in-law texted me last night that it was on (and that he was turning in his man card), I squealed and ran into the other room to watch Ali & co putter around NYC and dance on rooftops.

I don't know that I'll be posting updates on my watchings, but I will say that it's unfortunate that B and my brother-in-law can't both escape downstairs to the basement to watch ESPN instead. To B's credit, he did watch it. Unfortunately, I think that had something to do with his recent injury...

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