Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Day!

Yesterday I took off for a day trip to Birmingham to see my high school girlfriends and meet their new babies. Yes, babies-- two have had kids in the past nine weeks, and another is due in November! So exciting.

The best part was that everything fell into place. I called my friend Lily en route and we had lunch at a new Italian place in town, then I met up with my Grandma at her place, Mom found us a few minutes later, and we all headed to my brother and his family's house in Liberty Park. It was so great to see him and how amazing he looks and know first-hand how healthy he is. Plus, I got to see his super cute kids (pics to come!); they're growing up so fast!

I had to leave before long to meet one of my high school girlfriends for the drive to our other friends' house. Once we arrived, the next three hours were spent holding babies, passing them around, taking pictures, and picking the brownie bits off their tiny sleeping bodies (sorry kiddos!). I loved it!

I headed home late last night to Atlanta and actually had a bonus round of friends waiting for me this morning: Due to some apartment troubles, a friend of ours, his wife, and their baby stayed over for the night. She's upstairs napping now.

Long story short? I'm surrounded by cute, adorable babies. This can't be good for B. Though he did tell me that he "got to hold Lily" last night, and that she "just sits up on your arm and hangs out." I think I may be the one in trouble now!


We are BLESSED. said...

PICTURES! WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?!? I know you took some. :)

Love the new blog look - I've been checking things by my iPhone lately so I couldn't tell you had a new layout until today.

Katie said...

Jealousy!!!! p.s. I like the new look too!