Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hotel Soaps... Just Me?

Maybe it's just me, but I love hotel soaps. Sure, it's a huge help when I realize we're out of shampoo, running low on conditioner, or thought we had one more bar of soap under the sink. But really, the big reason I love them so much is that they always remind me of where I've been.

This morning, the oatmeal soap made it into the shower rotation, and as soon as I opened its box, I remembered being in Williamsburg with B at the Inn. It reminded me of my favorite hotel indulgence: bubble baths in the big whirlpool tubs, and of being totally relaxed.

Our honeymoon soap (though it's long gone) does the same thing for me. Any Rosewood product instantly makes me smile, which made me realize two things:

1) I might be the only girl alive who would be thrilled with a big basket of good-smelling soap products from their husband (as long as the brand meant something!).

2) If I owned a hotel, I'd load my guests up with every lotion, potion, scent, salve, and shampoo I could find with our signature scent, in 3 ounce bottles, of course.

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We are BLESSED. said...

My dad's parents travel year 'round (mostly for Bama sports) and each year for Christmas we all get a HUGE gift bag full of tons of Hotel soaps, shampoos, random shower caps, etc. So if you would like me to re-gift this to you, I'd be happy to oblige; I usually throw it all away. Of course, you wouldn't necessarily have any fond travel memories to attach to each little bottle, but at least none of it would go to waste. :) Love u.