Saturday, November 7, 2009

YEA Football!

Tonight, my sweet brother-in-law scored us a few tickets to the Duke vs UNC football game. So much fun! B and I headed over and stayed most of the game enjoying being back in a football stadium again. I miss Tuscaloosa! We agree it's one huge advantage of being in Alabama! (Though B pointed out that Georgia has GA Tech. Score. We can't lose!)

Highlights of the Game:

1) Agreeing to leave at the start of the fourth quarter to get home for a) dinner (I was starving!) and b) Alabama and GA Tech were both losing! Best "ooops" moment (don't worry, Tim, no one heard) was this priceless exchange:
B: "Yeah, we'll leave after the next series then."
Me: "To go home and watch the real football."
I didn't mean it! Not like that, anyway.

2) Trying to figure out what formation the band was making. Clearly we haven't been to enough UNC home games.
B: "Are those... ovaries?"
(watching as they turn around toward us and repeat the formation)
Me: "Ohh! Rams horns!"

3) Crowing of the Homecoming Queen, when we both realized that Princeton didn't have Homecoming King and Queen. Weird!

4) Coming home to watch both our teams march to victory. Well, we definitely watched GA Tech march to victory, then we did whiskey shots in honor of the team, which made watching the Bama ending a little difficult.

Thanks, Tim!

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