Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crazy Week!

This week has been nuts. A special project came up for work, so all my time was redirected up until yesterday. Great to get so much done, but also exhausting! Monday night, B & I tried an Indian restaurant in Durham (Mint) and LOVED it. Plus we had leftovers, which is good for everybody. Tuesday, we officially celebrated our six-month anniversary at Magnolia Grill, where we feasted on some delicious Southern food. So amazing.
It's been a quiet week. B has lots of work, I've been really busy during the days, and it's rained for days. We're ready to get out!
Tonight I'm babysitting the ladies and B's going to stop by a little later to hang out after he gets some work done.
So it's a quick, pretty low-key week. More later!

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