Sunday, November 1, 2009

A King, A Queen, and 2 Princesses

B and I lucked out-- we got to spend Halloween doing two very fun things. We started with two of the nieces, handing out candy while they cruised the neighborhood for candy. I've never really gotten to pass out candy. It was so fun seeing all the tiny monsters, super heroes, and (of course!) princesses!

We hung out for a while with the family, having dinner and going over the best candies with the kiddos.

From there, we headed out to meet up with a bunch of B's law school friends and hit Franklin Street, legendary for its Halloween Party. We walked the street with 40K other people all in costume then had a few drinks before heading home.

It was, in short, a perfect night. Now if only our pumpkin hadn't grown a mold unibrow...

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