Monday, November 2, 2009

Ladies' Lunch (Plus B)

B & I got to take the lovely Smith ladies out for lunch today, this time to B's school cafeteria at Duke. We grabbed lunch at Chick-fil-A and then McDonald's milkshakes. The girls LOVED it!

1) The dance party in the cafeteria. Schools for big kids play dancing songs! Amazingly, no one in the cafeteria batted an eye at our antics.

2) Sienna's favorite: Sitting in B's chair. Check out her grin when B comes back to the table!

3) Ella's favorite: "Picking up B" at school, and then "taking him back." Love it!

4) Changing Sienna's diaper in a non-diaper friendly student union. Note to others: Don't set purses down on surfaces in bathrooms that don't have changing tables. Fair warning.

5) Giving the girls our Halloween outfits. Only, instead of making themselves royalty in the robes, they deemed themselves Super Sienna and Super Ella. Word is, they can fly.

6) Sitting in the big swings on Duke's campus.

7) Explaining marriage to Ella, who wanted to know why B wanted to come home at night to see me instead of stay at his super-cool school. Then announcing that she loves Daddy so much that she chooses him for her free time. And they got married last weekend. Your announcements should be in the mail.

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