Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update: What a Week

This week has been nutty. I've gone back and forth between happy and excited (time with the girls, fun dinners and walks with B, writing fun stories for work), upset (finding out work is ending), and sad (six-month antiversary of Dad's death).

So this week, I'm going with high and lows, the roses and thorns of the past few days, if you will.

* Enjoying a pizza and bratwurst dinner with the nieces.
* Watching Ella's final three-year-old league soccer game (Medals today! Plus goldfish crackers...)
* Counting down the days until we can start cooking for the various Thanksgivings around here!
* Having B home during the days so we can work together.

* Getting word from work.
* Lots of rain.
* Realizing that it was the six-month anniversary of Dad's death.

It's been a long week, but an ok one. To quote a dear friend, "from this point forward," it's only getting better.

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