Monday, November 16, 2009

Wonderful Wedding Gift

B and I received a wedding gift today, such a wonderful treat! It came at the same time as our Christmas cards, so it was a banner day for me and the UPS man.

It was really amazing. A friend of B's family sent a set of festive Christmas wine glasses, a snowman wine stopper, and a silver 2009 bell Christmas ornament for our tree. Her note, which was thoughtful and priceless, pulled it all together. If you're looking for a holiday-themed Christmas present, this is it:

"While this wedding gift is quite late, there is a reason for this. As I thought about honoring your union I reflected on special things and times in my marriage. While man, one that we cherished was decorating our Christmas tree. We would put on carols, open a bottle of wine, and then begin decorating.

"He would begin to string the lights and after the tip of the tree was done he would, knowing that I had my idea of "the right way to hang lights," ask what he could do to help.

"Once the lights were on, we would hang our 1st Christmas ornament. After it was hung and 'tinkled,' we would go back to the date 1986 and reflect on our 1st year of marriage and beyond. Then we would toast each other, family and the season with our holiday glasses.

"While we could get a new bell each year, we chose to get them for extra special years. Those that made us laugh, cry, reflect. Each year we revisit that particular year as the bell is hung and rung. The sleigh bell is not a tradition for me to commemorate special years for special people.

"Spring/Summer 2009 was a very special time for the two of you. Bittersweet as it was, may this bell ring this holiday season in honor of your marriage and in honor of a man, your father, who shared so much with you and had a twinkle (much like Santa's) in his eye as he walked his precious daughter down the aisle and presented her to the man he knew would love her as he does.

"Toast your union and the wonderful family who loves you. Thank you for including me in your special day."

Break my heart, her note made me laugh, cry, and smile all at once. Little did she know that her gift would mark yet another day in our marriage that came with a true, pure mixture of laughter and tears, and occasionally a blend of both. We did indeed break out her glasses tonight and toast ourselves. We did not, however, find a need for the wine stopper. Another day... :)

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