Monday, November 16, 2009

Special Cake

For those of you who know, B has a certain birthday cake that he has always loved. His Grandma (on his Dad's side) always made it and it has certainly stuck. It doesn't hurt that it's DELICIOUS! So it's no surprise that I got an email from a dear friend who lost her copy of the great recipe. I knew it would make B happy to know it was coveted by one and all (it was even his Groom's Cake, for goodness sake), so I told him.

Me: Hey! J lost her copy of your birthday cake and wants it again.

B: Really?

Me: Yeah, the subject of her email is "Holy CRAP!"

B: Why does she want it?

Me: Because it's the best cake ever.

B: Damn straight it's the best cake ever!

Of course, the trick is that we only make it on his birthday, which makes me crave it all the more. Maybe I can convince him to let us have it as cupcakes on the anniversary...

Editor's Note: Um, did I just try to convince my husband to let me make him cupcakes? That man is brilliant.

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