Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whirlwind: Birmingham Edition

I feel like my head is on backwards! Just got back last night from my first return trip (via flight) to Bham. Thank goodness I didn't get in too late (around 8), so that made it much easier to adjust.

Monday morning, sweet B got up with me at 5 am to get me to the airport for my 7am flight. He didn't complain one bit, but I'm pretty sure I did! The flight left an hour late, but at that didn't bother me-- I was completely asleep in my seat. I arrived in ATL to find a LOT of grumpy travelers. What? Flood? Here? I had no idea! Seriously. Clueless.

I got into Birmingham at 10am to discover that the storms had knocked out my company's power grid, including our email and phone lines. Awesome. No way to get any information, so I called my boss and heard the word: Closed for the day.

Closed? I'll go to my apartment. Oh wait. So I called my friend Lily for lunch (whose office was NOT closed, much to her disgust), then went to see my sister-in-law Holly and new baby Carolyn. Though I definitely could've used those hours in the office, it was so nice to have an excuse to really spend time visiting with friends and family. Mom came down, so I got to have dinner with she and Grandma.

Tuesday night, my Bham girls threw me a birthday dinner at 26 (brilliant, I know!) and it was beyond good to see them. I've missed those ladies!

I got out of town on Wednesday, arriving here late last night in time for a fabulous Mexican dinner with B and a few hours of couch snuggling while we watched a few season premiers. Love him, he Tivoed everything he thought I might like. Best Husband Ever? I'd say so.

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