Sunday, September 20, 2009

Girls Girls Girls!

This weekend my girlfriends and I got away to celebrate one of the final days of my dear friend Emily's bachelor(ette)hood. B's parents were super generous and let us use the NC beach house (thank you, family!) as home base for these six awesome girls, plus me.
Renee, one of my best college friends, and I planned to leave early Friday morning. Instead, she got in late Thursday night and we stayed up talking until almost two. B came home from class at 10 to find us in bed watching Fresh Prince. Good times. We left around 11, arriving at the beach around 1:30, hungry and ready for some sun.
Sadly, the sun wasn't so much with us, so we had a long pizza lunch at this sleepy little Long Island joint, then headed to the house to get set up. It was perfect-- she napped, I made beds and cleaned the shrimp we'd picked up at the local seafood market.
The rest of the crew arrived around five and we got to it, opening wine (and the bucket of cookie dough) and enjoyed getting to know each other as we watched the sun go down over the ocean. Such a great Friday night!
Saturday, the sun came out in full force, so we made our way down to the beach for a full day of sunshine, sand, surf, and, well, sandwiches, if we want to keep the trend going. We capped off the night with an amazing dinner at Indigo Marsh, a place B has taken me for a couple birthdays. It looks out over the marsh/inlet area, instead of the ocean, so it's a totally different scene, and oh-so peaceful.
The night ended with more wine, more cookie dough, and the ends to both Dirty Dancing and Sweet Home Alabama. Girly to the max. I'm sure B's sorry he missed it. ;)
We got up early this morning to get home for the bride's kitchen shower at noon, which turned out to be such a blessing, because I got to spend so much time with B this afternoon, watch football, make a jumbo dish of baked ziti, and get ready for tomorrow-- I'm off to Bham for three days to visit the main office. I hate leaving B; I miss him so much! Good thing is, we're so used to long distance, that even the slightest reminder kicks us into high gear to cherish each other and the time we have together. Plus, how great are the first few minutes, and the first hugs, when you've really missed someone?
Speaking of, I get to see Mom tomorrow. I Can't Wait!
Best end of the night came when my sister showed up to drop off a baby gift bound for Bham and let us play with the kids on the playground at our complex. So fun. Such a great night.
Off to sleep now... early to rise!


We are BLESSED. said...

so you're here? Or soon to be here? we should get dinner if lauren & les are available! let us know! are you in a hotel?

A said...

Hey! I'm here now, but the weather has been nutty and my office closed, etc. I'm coming back in October and will send you the dates so we can plan some cheesy delicious goodness at some terrible (but wonderful) restaurant. I miss you! Can't believe your videos of your little one!

(And no, not in a hotel, rocking the Grandma digs.)