Sunday, September 13, 2009

Road Trip: Myrtle Beach

B & I skipped the main roads today and instead took to the back highways of South Carolina to make our way from Charleston to Topsail Island, North Carolina. We could've gone back on 40 to 95 and ... you get the picture. Instead, we did as my family always did and took to the road less traveled, which was ironic, as it was the highway leading straight to Myrtle Beach.

So many sites caught my eye, starting with the seagrass basket stands along the roadway and ending with the neon and buffet-laden countdown to Myrtle Beach. We'd been in the car for about 3 hours at that point, so I was a little punchy as we took in the enormous crab buffets, dinosaur-adorned putt putt places, Girls Girls Girls nightclubs, and more. What beach? Who needs a beach? All our inventory is $5.99 or less (yes, but what do you sell??).

I love bonding with B, and being myself with him as I start to make snarky buffet-related comments. We can be "Slightly North of Broad Street" (Charleston restaurant-speak for "snobs") at times, but today it was just simple fun.

Highlights from the Road: the steak place called Thoroughbreds (what's your meat, again?); the 2:30 buffet traffic; the amazing resemblance to Pigeon Forge (everyone needs mountains and beaches, sweetie!)

B's Highlights: the Dixie Stampede; laughing at the people who clearly had no idea there was a beach 2 miles to the east (and groaning at those that did-- don't go shirtless walking along the beltway!)

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