Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekend Away

I'm up late tonight (B's long asleep, passed out leaving just enough room for me when I decide to crawl in) waiting on a girlfriend who's coming into town for another girlfriend's bachelorette weekend (or "spinster weekend," as Miss Manners prefers to call it... seriously). She said she'd be here by midnight, so I'd been watching my computer clock, which I know is 20 minutes fast, but I'd totally forgotten that it's also on central time. No wonder I'm tired!
This month has been so incredible. So much fun, so many friends... but I'm pooped. I've got to say, after this trip to the beach and my work trip to Birmingham from Monday to Wednesday (poor B!), I'm staying put for a while!
I'm excited for tomorrow though. We're off to the beach house for a weekend of surf, sand, food, and, hopefully, sunshine. What better way to celebrate an upcoming wedding??

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