Monday, September 7, 2009

I Heart Hilton Head

B and I took off on Thursday night for Hilton Head, SC, where we spent a weekend with his high school buddies at one of their family's vacation homes. HH is super special to me; we spent so many vacations there riding bikes on the beach, cruising into Harbor Town, and playing in the sun. I told B that HH always makes me think of being sleepy and hungry, because you always are!

I hadn't realized how excited I'd be until I was literally squealing on the ride in. We arrived and got a tour of the house before settling in with a glass of wine and waiting for everyone else to arrive.

The house we stayed in was gorgeous; the set-up included a backyard pool, private beach access, a great entertaining kitchen, and basically six master bedrooms with fantastic bathrooms. It was truly a vacation for all of us.

B got up early on Friday morning and we headed out on a long walk toward Harbor Town. By bike, it's only about 20 minutes. Walking and running? Well, let's just say that we were gone a good 90 minutes. By the time we got back, we were hot, exhausted, hungry, and ready for the pool, which we promptly fell into.

We rallied and headed to the grocery store with his buddies to stock up, then got back, made lunch, and hit the pool for a few hours. When we tired of that, it was off to the beach, where we splashed around in the late-afternoon surf. Dinner was a pile of gourmet burgers. Fresh Market, anyone?

Saturday was more of the (glorious) same-- walk on the beach, floating in the pool, an wonderful wine, which started flowing around 2 pm. Around five, we headed for the small marina town around the corner from our house where we loaded up on pina coladas at the outdoor bar and celebrated the start of football season before heading home for some amazing kebabs. We finished something like 40 skewers that night. I told you-- hungry!

Sunday we played in the pool while the boys played wiffle ball on the beach. B and I headed out around 5:30 for Durham so he could make his 9 am class this morning... on Labor Day! I was so sad to go-- I love hanging out with B's high school friends, especially in such a beautiful place--but I'm excited, too. Because we left, I get to spend the morning in bed catching up on emails and Facebook before taking my nieces to lunch at Chick-fil-A (free sandwich if you're wearing your favorite team's shirt!), then meeting up with them again later for an early birthday cookout and pre-first day of school celebration.

What a great weekend. What a great start to a school year. B and I are so blessed and so lucky. Plus, Bama won! Can the weekend get any better?

Things were a little hard this weekend. Being in HH brought back great memories, but also reminders of Dad. From the fishing hat on the beach to the bikers winding their way through the trails, memories of Dad were everywhere. Luckily, so were memories of Mom, and my siblings, and my first trip there with B. Memories are starting to become friendly things. Maybe they bring tears to my eyes, but they do conjure the good times. I'll take it.

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