Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Shorter than a blog post, longer than a haiku:

* I don't notice the 19th anymore. In fact, I totally missed it this month. I thought that would make me happy, but really it just made me sad.

* I got to have lunch with two of my nieces and my sister yesterday and it was over-the-top wonderful. Quesadillas, made by tiny hands, have never tasted so good.

* Work is getting easier from home, even if B also decides to work from home. Today I made bread, cookies, and buffalo chicken dip. It's a happy home office.

* We're starting to make holiday plans. I can't wait until everything is set just so I have it all "right" in my mind.

* B and I got to have dinner with my sister's family over the weekend. Even though Ella was sick, we still had a family dinner and got to talk to little sister Sienna as she ate dinner with us. I love those kids!

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~Z~ said...

My additional bullet point:
* COME VISIT US!!! Please? ~;o)