Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life in a Small Town

A fellow Florence blogger posted on her own blog about a small-town Alabama newspaper that had an "Around the Town" features column on the back of its four-page edition. Apparently, as she says, "If you've blown your nose in the past week, or maybe taken a shower or eaten a meal or two, [you can] call 555-867-5309 and have it published." Don't believe it? Check out a few of the featured items:

"Audie gave Carolyn some really nice pecans. It was a nice surprise. Thanks, Audie!"

"Mary, STACY, and Russell carried Ora Mae out to eat at Ryan's on Thanksgiving Day."

"Howard talked with Ora Mae on the phone Sunday afternoon."

"Lessie, Viola, and Nomie shopped Friday."

"Shirley made a trip to see her doctor last Tuesday."

"Braxine enjoyed a telephone conversation with her brother."

"Margie's son carried her out riding on Thanksgiving Day to several places. She really enjoyed the outing."

"Violet visited her brother Bug in the hospital several days last week."

I love it! I should also point out how much I love the names. She changed them to protect the good-hearted peeps, but I think that the ones she chose just added to the overall vibe.

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