Thursday, May 27, 2010

Year in Review

Every month, I've tried to update with our on-goings, milestones, and the big moments that make our marriage special and unique. It's these moments, both big and small, that I never want to forget or take for granted, especially as we move into more complicated life stages (ie, one of us having a real full time job again!).

But because I've told you all about our adventures in cooking, our fun trips, and the times that have made us laugh, I thought the Year in Review might be more... broad.

This year has been everything. It's been beginnings (look! I'm married!) and endings (Goodbye Birmingham, job, and, most importantly, Dad.), and it has been far from easy. But because it hasn't been easy or smooth, it has been oh-so rich.

The things that I have asked B to do this year have not been easy. The best part is that I've never had to actually ask. He's understood when I've cried at night, or when he practically had to make me sit on his lap and eat while we were going through Dad's funeral weekend. He's hugged me when I found out I couldn't keep my job if I wanted to stay long-distance, and even offered that I could move back to Birmingham if I wanted to.

I always thought we'd have something to learn from each other, and together, this first year, but I really figured that seven years worth of dating might have limited that to, "Oh, you like your toothpaste on that side of the sink? Ok." type conversations. Instead, we talked about missing our loved ones, I discovered his love (dare I say, need) for hot sauce, and (thankfully) we found that our lives mesh together in a wonderful blending of give and take, though honestly I constantly feel like I'm on the winning end of that bargain.

Sure, we have more challenges to go through, ones that I'm sure I'll wince for having welcomed now, but if we can survive sudden loss, four moves, shared holidays, multiple fabulous family vacations, loss of income, and exam periods, we can survive anything! Bring on the house hunting (for a rental, in July). Bring on the house buying (for real, in 2011). And bring on the family... though not just yet. :)

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