Thursday, May 27, 2010

12 Month Anniversary!

Ok, so most people would call this a one-year, but we've been doing the month-by-month thing, and (even though it's weeks late), I don't want to miss out! Here we go.

This month was, in short, insane.

We started the month with a weekend-long trip to Charlottesville, VA for B's final law school softball tournament. We had such a better schedule this year, playing games in the afternoons and early evenings, as opposed to last year, when we played at 7 or 8 am both mornings. Early mornings plus late nights out made for a grumpy A last year.

This year, however, was perfect. B and I had time to walk "the mall," a fabulous outdoor area with unique, local shops and delicious pizza. (For real, I may have to go back just for another slice.) We enjoyed fantastic games (and lots of wins!), the annual barbecue, and our fair share of time out at the bars with his teammates drinking carbombs or trashcans. Or something. They were green and involved Redbull. Do I have to tell you that I passed on that one? B discovered he was a table shuffleboard champ and ruled the table for over three hours. It was a great weekend, one I'm sure we'll miss now that we're (sad!) done with law school.

This month was great because we got to spend a lot of time with the NC kiddos, sitting for them while my sister finished her degree (yea!!).

I babysat like crazy, filling B's exam-studying hours with walks, stories, baths, and boo-boo kisses (plus one cold, yuck).

I drove to Atlanta to celebrate one of B's best friend's fiance's bridal shower. She's my friend now, too, but this makes more sense (in theory). It was so great sharing a glass of wine with my favorite Atlanta girls over brunch. I could use more Saturdays like that!

B finished his last round of exams and we celebrated his coming graduation with a weekend away at Williamsburg, where we spent three days wandering, tasting, toasting, and relaxing (says the girl who snuck two bubble baths while there...). We came back in time to celebrate my sister's graduation, her birthday, and Mother's Day over a nice dinner out.

The next day (technically the first day into our 2nd year), we popped the cork on the first bottle of our case of anniversary wine and ate a few bites of our wedding cake. I can't wait to show you B's response to that one...

It was a great month, that's for sure. Looking forward to many, MANY more!

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~Mariah~ said...

What, pray tell, is a case of anniversary wine and where do I get one?? ~;o)