Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Love Justin!

Last week, B's brother Justin gave us the best excuse to really enjoy a graduation: Having one that's 45 minutes from wine country. We packed our bags and flew to Sonoma for a week-long stay at a wine country villa, traveling into Berkeley every other day or so to celebrate double majors and Justin's general amazingness.

When we didn't have ceremonies to attend or graduates to toast, we visited tons of beautiful, fun wineries. Our last morning there, there weren't enough tickets for the event de jour, so B & I volunteered to skip out and wander the vines on our own for a few hours.

Highlights of the Trip:

Having a fun, "just us" lunch with Grandpa, and actually nabbing the bill! (Points to B!)

The hot tub. A must for future home purchases.
The Graduation Party B's parents threw for our lucky grad, complete with bluegrass band.

Our morning on our own. So fun to reconnect after weeks of studying, packing, and graduating!

Freezing our tails off! California is cooooold.

The horses grazing right outside our villa. They took a particular liking to B. Too cute.

The baby horse! All knees and elbows.

Morning walks with B before the day got started. The upside of jetlag!
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