Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

B and I hadn't planned on going out of town for our anniversary. Remember our May? The one in which he was studying for exams, we were packing, the parents were coming in, and we were moving? That's right. We were busy!

But then we got a call from his parents, asking us what we were doing and what we were thinking about and it got us thinking: This is us, and this is life, and, come to think of it, this might be the easiest our schedules ever get in May; we need to make "us" a priority, too.

So off we went and booked a weekend away at Colonial Williamsburg in VA. For those of you that know us, we love going places we can wander around, be outside, and not have to drive. we loved Charleston, and Williamsburg seemed a good fit for the weekend; plus it was only about three hours away. Bonus!

We packed our bags and headed out on Friday morning after B turned in his final paper (ever!) the night before. Woohoo! This was really the start of a good celebration.

The Inn at Williamsburg, where we chose to stay, was amazing. It was elegant without feeling stuffy and the rooms were perfect (hello bathtub, I've missed you). B's parents sent us with Champagne to celebrate, so we promptly replaced our complimentary sparkling cider with a big 'ol bottle of bubbly Champagne and let it chill while we got ready to roam the town.

Line of the weekend? We called B's parents to thank them for the Champagne as we were looking at the schedule of events in town for the weekend. B scanned the times and said, "We gotta go. Benedict Arnold is taking the square in five minutes." Love him.

The package we picked included a $100 gift card, which I might just buy us from now on when we go places. Because we had that (which clearly we'd paid for in some part by renting the room), we shopped for a fun souvenier, enjoyed cocktails and desserts in the hotel's swanky bar both nights, and generally didn't worry about the fun splurgers that we might've otherwise missed. Oh, and the included breakfast... sweet potato pancakes with molasses-whiskey butter. To. Die. For.

We spent the two days we had there visiting all the historic craftsmen (cobblers, blacksmiths, wig & dress makers...), touring the gorgeous governor's palace and gardnes, and falling asleep at the drop of a hat. Seriously, the Betty White SNL was on and I couldn't stay awake; I even fell asleep during the Weekend Update "Seriously" bit. Thank goodness for Tivo!

Our anniversary was so much fun. We had time to relax, unwind, and really talk about fun things that are coming our way soon. Plus, we learned that "getting away" doesn't really require much more planning than booking a room and filling the car with gas. The rest we can figure out as we go.

Happy Anniversary B! May our love always be as easy as this maze (but with fewer gaping holes...). I love you.

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Genevieve said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like the trip was perfect! I looked at the pictures in the other post.