Thursday, May 27, 2010

30" Pizza Challenge

See this? This is a bad idea.

See this? This is optimism.

See this? This is defeat.

B & his buddy Ryan dared to complete Brooklyn Pizzeria's 30" pizza challenge one afternoon after walking 18 holes of golf. Now, for those of you that don't do inches, 30" (how far the pizza was across) is roughly the length of a man's inseam. So if you stretched your husband's jeans out on the bed, the pizza would run from zipper to cuff. For real. You think you can do it, but no one ever has, not even these two.

The trick? You have to have three toppings and two have to be meat. They went for tomatoes (good choice, almost all water), ham, and bacon. Not too bad until you see the guy pull out a bag 'o bacon and stop dumping it on the pizza. When they finished, B brought the leftovers home to share with the kiddos. After he finished, we had 8 more full meals from that pizza, and we like pizza!

For the record, he wasn't sick, but he did ask me to eat my slice in the kitchen...
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