Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye, Durham!

Post anniversary trip and pre California vacation, B & I packed our little tails off, thinking we'd done a pretty good job until Mom and B's parents rolled in and whipped us into shape! The ladies did most of the inside working, wrapping plates, dishes, vases, and everything breakable we own with anything fabric or plush that we own.

From there, B and his Dad worked like Tetris geniuses to load the Pod to its best packed state and boy did they. We're far from filled to the top, but what's at the bottom isn't going anywhere!

It took a few days to get it all where we wanted it (did I mention that these are master packers we're dealing with?), but I'm confident in saying that our stuff, wherever it is now, is very, very secure.

I was so thankful that the families came. We did all this in the midst of B's graduation weekend, so it was a little nutty already, but then his parents flew out on Sunday morning (to his little brother's college graduation!) and B left to drive a carful of things to Atlanta, so it was just me and Mom for Sunday and Monday.

I was expecting a long move out, but with Mom in my court, we got all the odds and ends out of the apartment in less than three hours, and everything returned and the Pod picked up on Monday, despite the deluge that repeatedly soaked us, and our Pod pick-up driver.

PS, have you ever seen what they use to move a Pod? It's called PodZilla, and it's seriously amazing. I have a picture on my phone, but will have to get a real one when they deliver it to us in Jacksonville. Definitely the best deal out there!

Mark it down, in one year we've turned in the keys to two apartments. Where does the time go?
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