Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Is What Happens When You Wake Your Husband Up to See the Sunrise

Welcome 2010! B's amazing parents planned a fantastic trip to kick off the new year: a week-long trip on a 57' sailboat named Priorities. It's been his Dad's dream for something like 20 years and we were oh-so happy to oblige!
We left on January 2nd and headed to St. Thomas, where B's Mom had (wisely) booked a buffer night. We enjoyed an awesome dinner, fun time in the pool, a nap on the beach, and our own excitement about getting on a boat the next day. (And yes, this song looped for all of us the entire week. FYI--NSFW.)
While St. Thomas was incredible, I'm afraid we all but skipped over it in our excitement about... the boat!

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