Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nine Months!

I warned you that this post would be late, but I bet you had no idea just HOW late it would end up being. Better late than never!

For our nine month anniversary, B & I celebrated in arguably our most beautiful setting yet: on a sailboat in the British Virgin Islands. (More on that later.)

Nine months-- huge milestone! We finished B's second to last semester at Duke Law, acted like real people (finding our own health insurance, etc), enjoyed an early Christmas with my family in Durham, attended a fabulous wedding for our dear friend Emily, succeeded in not fainting during said wedding (a close call, mind you), a whirlwind trip to Florence marked by fun dinners and final estate issues, then celebrated Christmas on the day with B's family in Atlanta.

We exchanged fun Christmas presents (a fabulous Lodge skillet for me-- YEA!!, a Tech jersey for him, to name a few). We rung in 2010 with B's amazing friends from high school then got ready for our first fun trip of 2010: a sailboat trip around the BVIs with B's family.

On the 57' boat, Priorities, we watched the sunrises, sunsets, and blissful afternoons float by as we celebrated our nine-month anniversary and B's 27th bday.

Christmas wasn't as emotionally exhausting as Thanksgiving, probably because I was preoccupied in NOT hitting my toe on anything. On that note, I finally got to wear shoes again this month! I don't know that my toe will ever look the same, but God help me, it feels so much better than I could care less!

All in all, the ninth month was pretty darn amazing. Wait until the 10th, when I can tell you about B getting a new wedding band. :)

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