Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday B!

I love love LOVED B's birthday this year. Normally we have to celebrate it early, so he can go back to school, or on a random weeknight, so I could get back to Birmingham for work. Not this year! We relished every minute of his big day, even if we did end up dragging it our for about three weeks! Four if you count the birthday we're having tomorrow night with the Smith clan...

We celebrated early with Mom just before New Year's, enjoying a delicious Italian meal out in Atlanta complete with singing waiters and a sparkler-laden dessert.

On the boat, I woke B up with a few surprise presents (little ones that could go on the boat--and get through security--with us) including a Tech hat (as seen in picture) and a travel book about the Greek Islands (for our post-bar trip, fingers crossed!).

The day got off to a great start. Rich and Lisa, our fabulous captain and crew for our British Virgin Islands sail on the Priorities sailboat, decorated the boat with streamers and confetti and Happy Birthday signs. Love them! We got up early to watch the sunrise, then promptly returned to bed to sleep until a more decent hour.

We got up later to enjoy breakfast and get the Coronas flowing. We enjoyed our day, looking forward to the highlight-- a stop-by at the pirate happy hour bar. Excuse me, Happy Aaaarrrr Bar. B's Mom had trouble admitting that she'd bought her son a (Wii) video game for his birthday; how about throwing him a pirate themed birthday party? Ha!

We loaded ourselves up on mixed drinks, played pirate trivia (I won a rum shot!), and then roasted B, the local "Sea-lebrity" of the day with another shot of birthday run (given out by the distributaaaaarrr), before returning to the boat for an amazing dinner courtesy of Rich and Lisa; they even put a candle on his birthday dessert!

The great night ended about 9:30, when all of us crashed from a full day of sun and sea, plus a few Coronas, run drinks, pina coladas, wine, and rum shots. Happy birthday to B!

Now that you know how our day went, let me tell you how fun it was for me: I LOVED getting to celebrate with B, to truly spend a day acknowledging how wonderful of a man he is. Quite possibly the best day of the trip!

We're not quite done with birthday fun. B's parents gave him their present before we left for Durham, then he and I opened presents back in Durham, and tomorrow we're enjoying a favorite birthday milestone: diving into B's traditional birthday cake with the Smith ladies. Nothing like having two pint-sized helpers ring in your new year!

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