Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take Me Out (After) the Ballgame

Last night, B and I waited until the end of the game then dashed to the Braves' stadium to pick up our favorite Pirates pitcher for a late dinner. We asked him where he wanted to go, anywhere at all, and he picked an Atlanta classic: The Varsity.

Ok, so a part of me was a teeny bit happy with his choice. Who doesn't love a good excuse to eat a chili dog and onion rings at 11 pm? Always happy to be a good hostess, especially when it involves anything beer-battered.

We had more fun talking to R, hearing about his time on the road, his trade from the NY team that no one likes, and just catching up about post-college life. Very fun!

Revelation: I'm a social person. I suffer from yielding fully to inertia, and refusing to get up and go (hence why I still haven't started the name-changing process). However, once you get me up, out, and going, I'm so happy. Much happier. Maybe I should buy B a cattle prod.

Life in Atlanta is good. I can't believe how quickly the weeks are blowing by. Tonight B and I are belatedly celebrating our one-month anniversary with a fun dinner out. B asked where I want to go:

Me: Hm, some place that serves wine. And... no, just wine. I don't need a martini, margarita, or mojito tonight.
B: Well this place has a really good wine list.
Me: Oh. It doesn't have to be good wine. Just wine.

He loves me, and that makes it ok.

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