Tuesday, June 9, 2009

State of the Union: One-Month Anniversary

A month ago today, B and I tied the knot. Got hitched. Took our vows. Said "I do." You name it and, if it involved marriage vows, we did it. Here's our month in review...

Following an amazing honeymoon (did I mention it was amazing?), B and I got a crash course in what it means not to get married, but to be married. I think sometimes people forget to look past the planning and the hubbub of the "big day," so they neglect to see that there's, literally, a lifetime on the other side of that catered affair.

B and I aren't perfect, but we've been dating for a while, long enough for him to know when to pop a lock on a door and when going for a walk is simply going for a walk. It didn't make losing Daddy easier, or the time at which he was taken from us, but it sure did make it feel less earth-shattering to have someone to hold onto that I knew a) knew me, b) loved Dad, and c) wasn't going anywhere. Ever.

The first month has been up and down, but I feel like the turn of events gave us both great perspective. What's a slightly slower wake up in the morning if you pause for a good morning kiss? We don't bicker or fight over who does what or what did or didn't get done. For better or worse, we've been oh-so-clearly reminded that some things in life really don't deserve your attention, like the fact that I somehow use every towel we have in the course of a week, leaving B to scour for dry ones in the morning. Sorry sweetie.

Dating so long has also helped us know our weak points. Mine? I like to be given a schedule and then to adhere to said timeline come hell or high water. But, you know what? I'm learning that life doesn't follow my timetable (obviously), and that there are more important things than being right, like, instead, enjoying the evening together on the back porch.

Our first month of marriage has been wonderful. We've managed a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the islands, starting a new job, losing a dearly loved family member, enjoying a date night of margaritas, taken long walks, escaped for a weekend, and survived days, afternoons, and nights of spontaneous grief-inspired tears. We've enjoyed making lunches, dinners, and on-the-go breakfasts. One of us even got orange juice in bed. Brilliant!

Things I Don't Want to Forget:

I sing. All the time. Did B know that before? Debatable.

I am constantly surprised that we have two identical pillows, one that lives on the basement couch, and one on our bed. I expressed (identical, authentic) shock so many times that they now both reside in our room.

B means it-- he doesn't eat breakfast, unless I make it, and he isn't hungry if he doesn't do something physical. None of this "eating to eat." Crazy.

Ask B to straighten up an area and you will return to find it entirely clean, folded blankets, placed pillows, cleaned counters, and all.

B is super good at noticing and giving compliments. New sheets? He notices. Homemade bread? He raves. He makes my heart happy.


Katie said...

That is so me with the whole timeline thing. I was so bound and determined to stick to my "plans." However, I'm now one the road to being a bit more spontaneous. Just a bit. I loved this post!

~Z~ said...

I can't believe it's been a whole month! Congrats you two!