Sunday, June 14, 2009

Enjoying the Days

B and I have done a pretty great job of making an effort to enjoy every spare minute. Sure, we have our downtime, mostly reading the paper on the back porch, but mostly we're packing in as much fun as we can handle.

Thursday night, B took me out for a belated one-month anniversary dinner at Parish House in Atlanta. It's a Cajun/creole joint where the food is creative and seasoned with a heavy hand. Loved it! We shared jumbo and a strawberry-and-blue-cheese salad, then he had crab-stuffed catfish and I ordered the barbecued shrimp. Delicious!

We spent our dinner catching up on the small details of each others' work and talking about what's possible for the year after B graduates. No, we're not crazy, he's actually doing interviews and research already for the post-grad year, which he'll likely spend doing a clerkship. I can't believe we're planning for September 2010 already!

Friday night, after I met B for a post-park clean up happy hour (you heard me), we planned to go see The Hangover, but it started pouring outside and we happily dug our heels into the basement's leather couch and watched Body of Evidence (old school) and then Benjamin Button, which we'd both wanted to see. I loved both of them. Benjamin Button's story was somewhat... interesting, but I was dying to see how they were going to make Brad younger and the girl older every scene. So fun!

Saturday morning (ok, noon) we got up, went for a walk, then met up with B's friends to see The Hangover. Funny! I was glad that they finally moved up from teenage kids and into guys in their thirties. A-- more realistic. B-- closer to my age. :) There were definitely some surprise moments, but overall it was a great Saturday afternoon movie, and a great excuse to see B's friends. (Our friends? Yes, but a weird transition to make, verbally speaking.)

Last night, we got a huge treat. B's firm set up this amazing cocktail party and an outdoor movie in the park across from the offices. We were greeted with a yellow VW van that was basically a cooler, stuffed with cokes, waters, and iced tea. Can you guess the movie yet? Dinner was delicious barbecue (ribs, beef brisket, grilled chicken, baked beans, and about five salads, plus cornbread). We settled in for Little Miss Sunshine (!) as "vendors" passed out candy and popcorn. Plus, the bar stayed open the whole time. Best. Movie. Ever.

I told B that I loved how you'd be sitting, lost in the movie, and then this fresh breeze would hit you and you'd be reminded that you're outside. Perfect summer night.

Movies are still somewhat hard for me. I never realized how many people die in movies, how many characters go to funerals or lose a loved one. I wonder if these events are so "there" because everyone goes through them or because they're a simple way to tug at heartstrings and evoke emotion. I'm no movie-going sobber, but B and I have been careful not to watch too sappy of movies just yet. No sense in more tears than necessary!

Speaking of tears, I got some sad news yesterday: a dear family friend lost their son. He was a year older than me, but I didn't know him very well. His family, however, was close to mine, the Dad even being one of the two witnesses at my Baptism. Clearly this loss isn't something that I can personally take on-- it's their families, but it does make my heart break for them.

I talked to my brother last night, who called up the Indian Jones quote that, roughly paraphrased, says, "We're at the point where God stops giving things and starts taking them away." Can that be true? Is this what adulthood is? I think it's all in your perspective, but still. It hurts. Pray for their family!

Today B and I are doing some errands then heading to Chastain for a concert with some of his law associates. Can't wait!

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