Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Post-Nuptial Depression

Come on, you know this deserved its own post. According to this non-medical site, in the UK no less, PND makes "sufferers feel desperately low, aimless and disconnected from their newly married state. To them, life after the wedding seems mundane and meaningless with nothing to look forward to and it can be a struggle to even get out of bed. In severe cases the black cloud can linger for up to six months making for a miserable start to married life."

I should say that this particular page has had over 4,000 views. And, when you type Post-Nuptial Depression into Google, you get 19,500 results. Wow. The honeymoon really is over, accoring to Anyone out there experience PND? I won't judge. Too much.

Apparently PND, like most diseases that, ironically, result from too little planning, can be avoided by following 10 easy steps. A few highlights:

4. Tune into yourself. Allocate regular, private relaxation time to honestly acknowledge your thoughts and emotions and release anything that feels uncomfortable or negative. Write it down, share it and discuss it- anything but suppress it. Your courage now will reward you richly later.
(Hmmmm.. "write it down," as in blog? Uhoh.)

8. Allow for a period of adjustment. Feeling married and behaving married takes time. It is an attitude, a way of being that grows and develops. Take the pressure off yourselves and look forward to getting into the groove of being married at your own pace during the first twelve months.
("I'm sorry about that night in the bar, sweetie. I didn't feel married yet." Ok, I joke, but I get this one. I still feel like I'm playing dress up with this ring sometimes, but mostly it just feels so right.)

9. Arrange things to look forward to. Your first year of marriage is special so make it memorable. Hold post wedding dinner parties for friends and family and look at photographs/filming together. Book some short trips away and spoil yourselves as a couple to help you come down gently from the high of your wedding. (Consider yourself warned.)

Plus, the lady who wrote this specializes in getting girls mentally ready to leave their single lives and transition into being married women. Where was THAT in pre-cana? Sounds like it involves martinis. And assorted girly things.


Katie said...

Really? What are the demographics of this condition? I'll give it to em, marriage is a major life change.. But deep depression? Coming off the wedding high? What time of woman does this affect? Does it affect men as well?

Krista B. said...

hey girl, just read some backlog of your blog in India while uploading photos and cried and laughed and missed you guys. Glad I got to hear all about the wedding even though I couldn't be there! love love, krista