Thursday, September 2, 2010

What a Week!

B and I are rounding out his second full week on the job and it has been wonderful! He loves working for the judge, and I love that he comes home every day happy. Life is great!

Here's what's happening in our house this week:

1) I'm coming off my first fall(?) cold. I'm definitely in the "getting better" stages and finally broke down last night and took my first NyQuil. Ah-mazing. Welcome back, sweet sleep! That said, I still have the raspy, life-long smoker voice, but I'm preferring to think of it as "sultry".

2) It's good I'm getting better because we're off to Maine for the weekend! Two great friends are getting married so we're heading out in the morning for a three-day bender of lobster and clarified butter. Bring on the bibs!

3) Which is a great time to ask for prayers because apparently the hurricane that skipped Florida might be heading for.... Maine? We moved our flight up in hopes that we can get in before the storm hits which, for the record, seems like a terribly backwards thing to do. But what can we say? We're suckers for weddings. And clarified butter.

4) I don't think I say "thank you" enough. Case in point, Haley, do you know how much I love the bowl set you gave me as a wedding gift? Those little bamboo bowl with the serving tray? We use them for everything! Like today, I'm using them to hold the salsa and sour cream for my quesadilla. Love them. Thank you!

5) In a continued effort to display my gratitude, I've been looking for someplace to volunteer and just applied to work with kids at the local branch of our city library, about 3/4 of a mile away. I was going to work as a tutor in the afternoons, but B & I both had our reservations about the areas I'd be placed in and if the time commitment would end up being too great to fit the need. It paid well, but I think B's right; if the point of this year is for me to give freelance work a go and I'm already doing one "on the side" (the bakery), then will two mean that I don't have time for freelance work? For now, I'd say volunteering is going to fit the bill, so long as I find a place to let me do it!

6) Have you noticed that volunteering is hard? I've applied places, gone through training, and then never been called. Upon follow-up, I've found that the paperwork is out of whack or my number has been misplaced, which makes me a) want to go in and organize the office and b) wonder if the company is trying to break up with me.

7) Today I'm thankful for having such a wonderful husband. I've been icky all week and he's really run the show, cleaning the kitchen and making dinner. I'm especially thankful that he's a fan of leftovers. I looked in our dishwasher and saw the entire top rack was loaded with old Indian food takeout containers or, as we call them, Tupperware. When we cook, it heats the house up so that we try to make enough for at least a few lunches if not another dinner. Thankfully he's a huge fan!

8) And, another prop to B, I'm very thankful for my cast iron skillet. It cooks everything and makes it taste wonderful and crispy. The only other thing I'd like is a Green Egg, which would be an awesome bday present if it weren't $900 and we didn't have to move it again in a year.

9) B is fretting about what to get me for my bday next week. So far, I've been zero help. When he asks me what I want, I respond with gems like, "I don't know" or "I'll think about it" or "Oooh! One of those scrubby things for the sink." I've been told these answers are not super helpful.

10) New neighbor moves in today. Planning to make her cookies. Yea!

11) Finished my temp work for my old company. Bittersweet.

12) Finished that temp work in time to tackle my next looming deadline: Daily Guideposts. Due in two weeks!

13) I promise you I did consider taking pictures of a Big Green Egg, the top rack of my dishwasher, the great bowls Haley got me, and my cast iron skillet for this post. Then I got the lazies. Or the sickies. Whatever gives me the best excuse.

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Haley Morgan said...

bless your heart! sorry you are sick... but so glad B is taking care of you! i am glad you like the bowls! they are perfect for mexican night! can't wait to hear about this bakery job. don't end up on cake wrecks! ha...